School Attendance System

A Performance Oriented Student Management Business Solution tailored for your situation.


Here at Tickett Enterprises Ltd, we're actively developing bespoke applications for multiple needs - This Application helps with school registries and allows the user to do multiple things within, for example take the register for a class, with easy colour codes for each different type of attendance. School Attendance System also allows the user to create reports for each individual student, or for whole schools.

App Preview

The register for daily school life.

Informative Dashboard

This is the first thing you'll see upon loading the School Assessment system. It is the dashboard, which displays any new learners for you to approve, and the amount of students which have joined each campus over certain terms, the average of those, and how many are expected to join. Also within this image is the navigational bar, which you can use to browse each different page.

Pricing and Support

If you are interested in utilising this product within your school, and wish to discuss pricing, or are using our product and would like some support, please contact us using the button below.

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