Clover - Custom Reports

An application which eases the process of report creation.


Custom Reports has many features that you can benefit from:

  • Custom reports can be built for multiple situations.
  • Easy to use Customisable groupings.
  • No possible human errors - Custom Reports is fully automated.
  • Reports for any date of your choice.
  • Report from multiple devices, or just one.
  • Pinpointing the time of your orders.
  • Active Development.
  • Counts profits quickly.

App Preview

Initial Custom Reports Screen

Special Modifiers

Custom Reports offers various special modifiers, so you can view specifics about orders within the report such as how much tax was applied to the order, or if any tips were given to employees.

User Guide

Some basic training videos have been created to get you started with Custom Reports:


To download Custom Reports, press the button below stating "Download App".

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If you have any queries about the app, refer to the user guide or contact us. For Further Contact Information or the User Guide, see below.

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