Tickett Enterprises are proud to be one of the select few preferred Clover developers.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports will allow you to report on any aspect of your Clover transactions.
  • Quickly filter reports by date/employee/device.
  • Print reports directly from your till.
  • Choose from over 50 data fields.
  • Create and share profiles across devices to quickly run frequently used reports.
  • Access the Web App from any device at any time to access reports while on the move.
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Sell Ticket / DigiTickets Sales and Redemptions

We have built two ticketing applications to integrate with existing ticketing platforms: AudienceView and DigiTickets.
  • Seamless access to events and pricing (no need to key them into Clover).
  • Print tickets straight from the till.
  • Scan and redeem tickets using familiar Red/Amber/Green (works best with the Clover Flex or Mobile).
DigiTickets (EU) DigiTickets (US) Sell Ticket (EU)

Token Printer

Built around the theme park / fairground style token based currency concept.
  • Easily manage token denominations through Clover inventory.
  • Benefit from standard Clover reporting on token sales.
  • Quickly print tokens either using the built in or network printers.
  • Custom token templates can be configured to include your own design.
The app will be available in the Clover App Market shortly.


Effortlessly send orders to another Clover device for payment.
  • Choose the FlexPay option from the payment screen and receive a simple 2-character code.
  • Quickly pickup the order and complete payment from any Clover device by entering the simple 2-character code.
The app will be available in the Clover App Market shortly.

Smart Print

Automatically send orders to different printers based on Order Type.
  • Automatically send take away orders to one printer and eat in to another.
The app will be available in the Clover App Market shortly.

Balance Till

Balance till will help you cash up at the end of the day/shift.
  • Easily access via clover dashboard from any computer/handheld.
  • Calculate how much cash should be in the till.
  • Automatically create a balancin orders to account for cash shortful/surplus.
The app will be available in the Clover App Market shortly.

Have an app idea?

If you wish to enquire regarding possible application creation, or have any questions about our existing applications, please get in touch!

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